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The VPC K3S (Vacuum and Pressure casting machine) is a new addition to our range of superior technology casting machines but is the most simple and easy to operate, yet producing excellent casting results.

  • Full Automatic with 20 memories
  • At the simple press of one button, the K3S successfully completes a complex casting process automatically. The machine can memorize 20 Program combinations, each of 8 specific parameters ensuring repeatability and consistency of your results. A user is only required to input memory number corresponding to the various casting conditions such as metal grade, mold pattern etc., then press the START button only to begin casting.

  • Vacuum Melting and Pressurization
  • Differently from other manufacturers’ machines of similar price level that cover the metal by protection gas only and cast without pressurization, the Yasui VPC K3S conducts the entire metal melting cycle under vacuum and by replacing impure air with inert gas and then casts the metal fully automatically by suction and pressurization.

  • K3S Melts the Alloy Homogeneously Easy Maintenance Safety Casting Chamber
  • k3s-gas

    Advanced Single gas system

    Due to our recent study and development work, improvement of casting has become possible so that better casting result with single gas can be obtained by grading up vacuum efficiency. Further, cost of gas can be saved.

  • Stone Set Casting

    Production efficiency of stone casting is largely improved by Advanced Single Gas System of Yasui K3S. Yasui VPC can also achieve the lowest flask and casting temperature, and it is most suitable for stone set castings. Stone casting is safely performed.

  • k3s-jet-crucible

    New Stopper for Stone Casting

    Based on the theory of flow dynamics, the newly developed stopper enables the metal not to remain at all in the crucible. This is quite important for stone casting to eliminate metal leakage for next melting

  • Shot Maker SM3 (Option):
  • You can easily produce shots of minimum oxidation of metal. Molten metal, protected by atmosphere of protection inert gas after vacuuming, is dropped into cold water. No electricity is used, and shots can be easily formed in appropriate sizes by water power only.

  • Data Output to External printer or PC
  • Output of RS-232C data is possible through exclusive communication cable (option) to external Printer (option) or PC (not supplied from the manufacturer). Very useful for printing or recording of Memory No., casting conditions etc.

Casting SystemVacuum pressure casting system
Pressure appliedMax. 0,1 Mpa
Replacing gasSingle gas (Argon)
Program memory20 memories
ControlSpecially designed controller
HeatingInduction heating (with specially designed metal stirring function)
Net weightApprox. 185 kg
Dimensions600(D) x 690(W) x 1200(H) mm
Oscillator4 KW
Cooling waterTap water direct cooling system
Flask typePerforated flange flask
Flask sizeMax. 125 mm(Dia.) x 230 mm(H)
Max.temp. K-type1200oC
Max.temp. R-type (option)1300oC
Control of temperatureBy PID
Accuracy of temperature+/- 2 degrees Celsius
Ultimate vacuum10 hPa
Crucible volume90 cc
Maximum casting amount, Volume60 cc
Maximum casting amount, Weight24K / 1.2 Kg
18K / 0.9 Kg
14K / 840 g
925Ag / 600 g
Shot makerShot Maker SM3 (option)
Data outputOutput of RS-232C data is possible through exclusive cable (option)
Power source215 V +/-10%, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 5 KVA